MRE Meals – A Know-How

XMRE Meals have been producing MREs for civilian use.

Meals Ready to eat also known as MRE is a ration which relied on the advanced techniques of food preparation provided to the soldiers packed with latest packing technology to replace the cans. The ration provided to the soldiers dated back from World War II. The officials realized that merely providing nutritious food is not merely sufficient. The food should cater the different needs of the soldiers. It should cater the tastes of the individuals, the food should be preserved for long time, should be suitable for all types of extreme weathers and many more. If the taste of the meal is mouths watering the soldiers will intake the entire ration which is nutritious. Another important thing is that the soldiers have to walk on missions which has urged the need of light weight alternatives in the place of cans.

The department has started to develop MRE in the year 1963 in the replacement of the MCI ration. There was an ongoing development from the time of its introduction. Not only the soldiers are given these types of meals, the civilians are also given in the time of natural disasters. The meal ready to eat contains 1200 calories. The packaging requirement should meet different needs such as they should be able to withstand parachute drops and in all weather extremities. The life in the military is very difficult. They have to wake up early and spend most of the time in combat training and physical fitness. The soldiers diet should contain 3500 calories and should be able to preserve in the Iraqi heat conditions and Russian freeze winters. The MRE’s are the life savers in the all conditions. The weight of the food is very light which enables the soldiers to carry them with little effort allowing them to carry their weapons.

The MRE can be stored for seventy six months. Flameless Ration Heater is also provided in the package to the service members so that they can have the heat meal whenever they want. Due to its high cost in manufacturing and storing many times it is discontinued in the army, but many researchers have researched and developed it for catering the needs. Many like XMRE meals are produced by many companies which are producing wide range of products with many tastes incorporating in it to satisfy all types of the needy of it. The MRE’s have brought change and boom in the food processing industry.