Buy Ripple The Newest Cryptocurrency In The Market

The hottest new currency in the market after Bitcoin is Ripple (XPR) but it is a bit harder to buy than the Bitcoin. Ripple has been rocking the Cryptocurrency market since 2012 and has been gaining immense popularity over the years. Although, Ripple is a Cryptocurrency but it is a lot different than the other cryptocurrencies as it has been created privately. It is also not an easy Cryptocurrency because it is not available in the popular exchange apps which means you, have to do some hard work to buy.

Method to buy ripple

It is hard to buy Ripple because it is not there in most of the Cryptocurrency apps but here is the easiest way to buy ripple that you can follow.

  • Create an account- Not all the exchanges support the buying of ripple with USD, so in such a case you need to try several exchanges although there are some famous ones that you can find on the web. After you have found an exchange, you need to set up an account and go through all the information related to exchange prices and trading.
  • Buying of other Cryptocurrency- In order to buy ripple with USD, you need to first buy another Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or ether with USD through credit card. It is an extra step but you need to do it as it is the easiest way to move ahead.
  • Move the ether or Bitcoin- Supposedly if you buy ether then you need to move it to Cryptocurrency converting platform so that it can be used to buy Ripple. Whichever platform you choose, just follow the proper steps. It is a bit complicated but is necessary to move ahead.
  • Buy ripple- Once XRP is in your account then you can select the exchange option, this would let you buy XRP using ether or Bitcoin, whatever you choose.

Buying ripple is the best that you can do even though it is a little hard and complicated but it is worth it. Ripple as a Cryptocurrency is quite advantageous as it directly works with banks. It is a great way of earning a fortune in the future. Moreover, ripple is scalable as it can handle 1000, transactions every day. With advantages like these, there is no doubt that ripple is becoming the hottest Cryptocurrency in the market today and a preferred choice for a lot of investors.